• Scuba Review

Scuba Review

Haven't been diving lately and want a quick scuba refresher? Our Scuba Review program is the perfect way to update your dive knowledge and review basic scuba skills.
The program involves a dive skills refresher you complete with a Scuba Diver Professional. You will cover basic theory and practice your scuba skills in a swimming pool.

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Class Description

Whether you just need a few reminders or want a more comprehensive review, this program provides an engaging, refresher of scuba principles, procedures and skills.

The program has two components: 1) a knowledge "Quick Review"  and 2) a dive skills refresher you complete with a Scuba Professional in a pool. 

Age Requirement

  • 10 years or older

Course Prerequisites

  • (Junior) Scuba Diver certification or proof of entry-level diver certification from a dive training organization with four open water dives

What's Included

  • Classroom Refresher and Quick Review
  • Pool Session includes mask clearing, regulator recover & clear, buoyancy skills, out of air procedures and any additional skills you choose.
  • Professional Scuba gear... We provide all of the gear you need to participate in the pool skills refresher. All you need is a swimsuit and a towel. If you have your own gear, you are welcome to bring it to your confined pool water session but, let us check it out first.  


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