NAUI or PADI SCUBA Certification

Are you an underwater enthusiast and ready to take the dive into what the underwater world has to offer?  You may have heard about different scuba agencies that provide certifications such as NAUI and PADI.  Keep in mind that both agencies are good. No matter which one you choose, if you pass your tests and practice regularly, you will become an excellent diver.

Both NAUI and PADI are two of the most prestigious diving certification agencies worldwide that offer diving courses. Both are always enhancing knowledge and skills while ensuring that it is done safely. No matter what agency you get your C-card from,  you will be able to SCUBA dive all over the world.

NAUI - National Association of Underwater Instructors

NAUI is a US-based organization headquartered in Florida and the oldest SCUBA certification agency, established in 1960.  NAUI is a not-for-profit agency, and offers courses all over the world. NAUI's motto is, "Dive Safety through Education." The US NAVY uses NAUI certifications.  

PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors

PADI is a US-Based agency headquartered in California and established in 1966, and offers many performance-based diving courses.  PADI is a for-profit organization and their motto is, "Seek Adventure -  Save the Ocean." 

Regardless of which agency you choose, your most important decision will be picking the right scuba shop or Instructor to train with. Check the reviews, ask the local divers, visit the dive facility, ask questions, do they have a dive club, can they assist you in equipment purchases, gear repair & rental, training & travel, pure air fills, does it feel right for you, .... then go for it!

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