Take the... 3rd Reef Master Scuba Diver Challenge

and become a Legend!

Join the best of the best in recreational scuba diving and live the dive life as a PADI Master Scuba Diver. The Master Scuba Diver rating places you in an elite group of respected divers who have earned this rating through both significant experience and scuba training. Fewer than two percent of divers ever achieve this rating. When you flash your Master Scuba Diver card, people know that you've spent time underwater in a variety of environments and had your share of dive adventures.

You do not earn the Master Scuba Diver certification overnight or in a weekend, but rather work towards it by mastering the sport of scuba diving.

Every diver, who is at least 12 years old, should aim for Master Scuba Diver.

Stop by and see about starting your journey toward becoming a 

Master Scuba Diver and continuing your diving adventures.


How long does this program take?

The 3rd Reef Master Scuba Diver Program begins any time you choose, there is no set schedule. The Master Scuba Diver Program involves a combination of many courses and dives, so there is no minimum or maximum time for you to complete the Master Scuba Diver program. You schedule individual courses based on your availability, working with our instructors to develop a learning plan that works for you.