3rd Reef Pet Supplies and Self-Wash

3rd Reef Pet Supplies and Self-Wash is a Las Vegas and Henderson Secret established in 2018. At first, our brand claimed and worked in pet craft fairs in Washington, Nevada, and Hawaii with our forHarley brand. Now, with our expansion at 3rd Reef Divers, we have our very own Self Wash center where we have multiple convenient adjustable tubs to wash your small or large pup! Each tub is equipped with a pull-out ramp. We supply all-natural product, drying towels, an assortment of brushes, facewash and washcloth, and professional dryers, providing you with all the perks of washing your pet, without the pain in your back or the cleanup. Make a mess and leave the rest! where we provide you everything you may need to have a squeaky-clean fur-baby

It is our hope at 3rd Reef Pet Supplies and Self-Wash to have a pawsitive kind of effect on the community we serve. For over 5 years, we have had pet nutrition, fun, and wellness solid in our core. Our staff is passionate in all things cat and dog, from your brand new puppy or kitty to your senior best friend.