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Socorro Island

November 1-10th 2023 - Liveaboard $3500


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About Socorro

Manta Rays are the claim to fame for
Socorro Islands. The island where they
predominately congregate is San Benedicto.
The magical dive site, "The Boiler," is a
submerged sea mount and cleaning station.
More than a half dozen mantas frequent this
pinnacle regularly. The mantas in the
Revillagigedo Islands are friendly and enjoy
the presence of humans. San Benedicto is
truly an exceptional place to experience the
manta magic.
Humpback whales visit during the winter
months of mid-February through mid-April.
We often hear the sounds of the singing
mating males as they provide escort
underwater. Surface sightings are common
during this time.
Whale sharks can be seen during
November, December, and May, with the
huge, pregnant females in November. May is
also when we may see giant bait balls and
pods of false orcas.

About Quino el Guardian
This destination can only be dived by a liveaboard dive vessel. It takes approximately
26-28 hours one-way to reach the islands. This is an excellent dive destination for
large pelagic animals due to the islands' open ocean nature, which sometimes includes
currents and choppy conditions. The underwater topography consists of rocky
outcroppings, boulders, and incredible walls. There is not much in the way of coral, as
this is a cooler water destination.
The crew of Quino el Guardian is here to help you in any way possible to make your
visit to the Socorro Islands an unforgettable experience. Please let your crew know if
there is anything you want or need anytime during your trip.
PLEASE NOTE: Socorro Park rules prohibit knives and using flashlights. It also bans
night dives. Lights that are attached to a camera are allowed.

Quino el Guardian is of the utmost seaworthiness and approved by the US Coast
Guard and the Mexican Coast Guard. It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics
and all safety equipment required.
Quino el Guardian is 90' long with a 23' beam.
The number of guests Quino el Guardian accommodates is 18. Most trips have 16
Four air-conditioned cabins sleep four guests each. There are two bunks on each
side, two upper and two lower bunks. Each bunk has a privacy curtain. Each cabin has
four large drawers, one for each guest. Limited storage space is also under the
bottom bunks, and clothing/towel hooks are in the main cabin area. Cabins are
typically assigned by gender. One cabin has two bunks with one upper and one lower
bunk. This cabin is generally reserved for a couple.
Our guests enjoy comfortable mattresses and quality bed linens. Our steward cleans
all rooms, bunks, and bathrooms during the first dives of the day. We provide bath
towels and dive deck towels, which are changed mid-trip.
Quino has four air-conditioned bathrooms with a full-size shower in each bathroom on
the dive deck. Each cabin is assigned a bathroom so guests can leave their items and
towels inside. Shampoo and soap dispensers are in each shower. There are two
lavatories on the dive deck that all passengers share.
The galley comfortably accommodates up to 18 passengers. The galley also has a
projector and a large drop-down screen should your group want to do presentations.
The comfortable salon has sofas, a TV, and a computer table.

Quino el Guardian maintains daily contact with our US office via radio
communications. We are ready for constant communication in the event of an
emergency. Your family and friends can contact our office at (602)558-9580 in an
emergency. Our office staff will immediately assist your family and friends in getting
messages to you. We also have a satellite phone onboard for your use and
emergency needs. The phone number is 011 881 652 431 156, and the rate for using
the phone is $2 per minute.
You may have cell service up to one hour from the marina. We do not have Wi-Fi on
the boat.

We provide 80 cubic ft. aluminum tanks that are both DIN & yoke compatible, as well
as weights and belts.
We dive from two 18' Achilles inflatable pangas, each with a driver vigilantly looking
for bubbles. Getting from the boat to the dive site typically takes just a few minutes.
The pangas have very sturdy, easy-to-use ladders.
We divide passengers into three groups, each with a divemaster to lead the dives.
Each group will dress, receive a dive briefing, put on their gear, then board the
panga. Divers enter the water with a backroll. For divers with knee or back issues,
we are happy to help you. We dive as a group. At the end of the dive, the panga will
come to you. Divers will remove their weight belt and BCD, and the driver will lift it
into the boat. Once at the ladder, divers remove their fins and climb into the boat.
When the panga returns to the boat, the crew will put your gear away for you. Our
crew is happy to hand you your camera.
The dive deck is well-organized. Each diver gets assigned a dive station.
We have a spacious camera table with many power outlets and compressed air.
Quino has two 18' Achilles inflatables for our diver's safety and ease with sturdy
ladders. There is a dive platform for easy boarding.
There is an outdoor shower on the dive deck.
On the second deck is a large, shaded sundeck with lawn chairs for relaxing between
All voltage aboard Quino el Guardian is 110, just like the USA. Each bunk has two
double outlets.

Proof of diving certification and dive insurance is
required. Without proof, you will not be able to dive.


Diving can be challenging, and we suggest that all divers be in good health, dive
regularly, and have been diving recently before their trip. Our divemasters and
instructors are guides only and are not responsible for teaching dive skills or looking
after guests who do not have basic buoyancy skills. Each diver is responsible for
knowing their diving capabilities and limitations. If you feel that you may need
additional attention, we suggest a private divemaster. A private divemaster must be
coordinated in advance and is subject to availability. The cost depends on the length
of the trip. If you are interested in doing this or have any questions, please get in
touch with us at info@MexicoLiveaboards.com.

Below is our scheduled diving itinerary. Weather and sea conditions may alter this
itinerary, and if unique animal sightings arise, we may suggest options to divers.
Day 1: Embark in San José del Cabo / Dinner and departure at approximately 7 pm
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: Isla San Benedicto / 4 dives
Day 4: Isla Roca Partida / 3 dives
Day 5: Isla Roca Partida / 3 dives
Day 6: Isla Socorro / 3 dives / Check-in with the Naval Station
Day 7: Isla Socorro / 4 dives
Day 8: Isla San Benedicto / 3 dives
Day 9: At Sea
Day 10: Arrival in San Jose del Cabo and disembark at 8:30 am

Food & Beverage
Each day starts early with a continental breakfast with fresh fruit, cereals, bagels,
yogurt, breads, and freshly brewed coffee. After the first dive, guests enjoy a plated,
made-to-order breakfast. After the second dive, lunch starts with a hot homemade
soup followed by a hot plated lunch. A large snack is available after the third dive,
often sandwiches, ceviche, fruit, cheeses, and more. For dinner, guests enjoy a
three-course, plated meal with a salad, entrée, and homemade dessert. Hot and
cold beverages are always available, including canned soft drinks.
Divers enjoy complimentary local beer and wine after their last dive of the day.
We can accommodate most special dietary needs, including gluten-free and vegan.
Please note this on your passenger document and advise the steward at your first
Guests are welcome to bring snacks, beverages, or alcoholic drinks on board.

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